How to use Better Fuel

Use Better Fuel for delicious and hydrating fuel during exercise. It's as at home fueling gym sessions as it is powering the biggest bike rides and runs. Better Fuel also combines brilliantly with the rest of the 33Fuel Energy & Hydration range for a full set of fueling options from drinks and bars - Amore Energy Bars - to gels, Chia Energy Gel.

How to prepare Better Fuel & when to use

  • One serving of Better Fuel = 5 tablespoons & provides 100 calories

  • Workouts under 90 minutes: mix 1-2 servings in 500-750ml water and sip as needed

  • Workouts over 90 minutes: mix 2-3 servings in 500-750ml water drinking a bottle every 60-90 minutes

  • Add to water in your drink bottles or hydration pack and prepare for lift off ;)