How to use Rocket Fuel

Carb drink bike 33Fuel

Rocket Fuel carb drink is delicious natural fuel for your sport and training. It’s ideal for fueling your cycling and running and is also a great option for gym workouts. 

How to use

  • Add one serving (three heaped tablespoons) to 500-750ml of water in a bottle and shake well

When to use

  • During exercise drink one bottle of Better Fuel every 45-60 minutes

Pro tips

  • In normal use one serving of Rocket Fuel per bottle is ideal, but you can also adjust the strength of your Rocket Fuel as needed. For lighter sessions under 45 mins use half a serving per bottle and for hard efforts when maximum carbohydrates are needed use a double serving per bottle

Good to know

  • Natural and delicious, no stomach trouble
  • Vegan, plant-based, dairy free
  • Stable energy for as long as you need. No peaks, no crashes

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