How to use Premium Protein

Premium Protein is plant-based protein perfected so you can naturally build lean muscle and support optimal recovery from your sport and training.

How to use

  • Add three heaped tablespoons to water or your favourite milk and spin in a blender
  • Alternatively shake in a shaker, mason jar or jam jar. Premium protein mixes very easily

When to use

  • As soon as is easily possible after exercise. This can be immediately afterwards if you are using a shaker, or you can simply have your Premium Protein as part of your next meal that day - it makes an excellent dessert ;)

Pro tips

  • If you have a blender, get creative by adding fruit (bananas are perfect) and/or nut butter
  • For focused lean gains and minimum calories: mix with water only
  • For focused muscle gains and maximum calories: blend with banana and nut butter as above
  • When it’s hot: use frozen sliced banana and ice in the blender for a decadent frosty protein milkshake
  • When it’s cold: stir into your favourite milk and heat for a blissful protein hot chocolate

Good to know

  • 20g protein per serving
  • Vegan, plant-based, gluten-free
  • No flavorings, colorings or sweeteners
  • Source of fibre with low GI sugars for stable energy

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