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Looking for a Maurten Gel alternative that tastes great, loves your stomach AND costs less too? Say hello to 33Fuel’s Chia Energy Gel...

Proven in the world's toughest races, 33Fuel’s multi-award-winning Chia Energy Gels have been enjoyed by multiple world champions and dedicated amateurs for years. Their unique natural formulation creates a stomach-friendly hydrogel, releasing energy in a controlled flow. While a starter pack of Maurten Gels is over £32, a starter pack of Chia Energy Gels is just £23.99. Check out the quick Maurten comparison below and make your choice today:

Who Wins?

Like Maurten Gels 33Fuel Chia Energy Gels are a unique alternative to synthetic gels. Like Maurten Gels, Chia Energy Gels create a natural hydrogel and are kinder on the stomach than ordinary gels.

Unlike Maurten Gels Chia Energy Gels ALSO deliver heart healthy Omega 3s plus compound microdoses of protein and come in recyclable packaging with a handy flip-top - goodbye sticky fingers! Handmade in the UK 33Fuel Chia Energy Gels start from just £23.99

Multi-Award-Winning Gels 🏆

Coach Magazine gave 33Fuel Chia Energy Gels a 'Best Running Gels' award and the Evening Standard rated them 'Best Energy Gels'

Coach called Chia Energy Gels "a unique all-natural gel" praising the "stable release of energy"

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Chia Energy Gel

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Meet your go-to for delicious reliable energy during workouts and longer efforts. Natural hydrogel energy gels proven in the world’s toughest races, these are the ultimate natural solution to fueling during exercise whether it’s a hard hour at the gym, several hours on the bike, or all-day running (yes ultrarunners, we’re talking to you).

You will love the results (just check the reviews below) but first-timers please note, they pack a big surprise - the ‘How to Use’ section below explains all!

Customer Reviews

Based on 198 reviews
Keith Thompson
Absolutely Delicious

They taste great. Gave me plenty of energy for my run and kept me going. Super easy to prepare and have it at the ready. Great job guys

add coffee for more boom

Really like the 33fuel chia gels but add black coffee and they work a treat ;)
Easy on stomach, improved energy returns and some caffeine… what more you want

Paul Lancashire
Chia energy gel

My go to fuel. Tastes great, easy to use. I wouldn’t use any other gel now.
I always carry a couple of chia gels with me when I’m out for long running adventures!


These really work. I’ve struggled to find something for my long runs as I can’t eat or ah w gels. These taste amazing, not trigging for sugar addicts and help keep the energy levels balanced. They were great on my tummy too. Thank you did such a great product.

Chia Gel

I like these very much, works well with coffee for a caffeine gel! Only comment would be is it possible to grind the seeds as a lot of them seem to "pass" through whole, potentially wasting precious calories. I will spare you the "optional" picture/video though :)

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