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 Use your 33Fuel discount code and join thousands of happy customers!

Fitter, faster, healthier

At 33Fuel we craft natural sports nutrition for health and performance. After all, what use is performance if your health is poor? Our story began as we became more conscious about our health and fitness.

We used to fuel using ordinary sports nutrition loaded with unpronounceable ingredients, and had multiple issues with it as so many do. We saw a hole in a dated market for natural alternatives and couldn't believe the sports nutrition industry had developed so little over the past few decades.

We founded 33Fuel and began our mission: to make one million active people faster, happier and healthier.

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Use your 33Fuel discount code and enjoy natural sports nutrition that works as great as it tastes

33Fuel is an eco friendly brand

We take our environmental impact and sustainability seriously.

The packaging we use is, where possible, sourced from recycled materials. We're constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint which is why we're delighted to be part of the One Tree Planted project, which means that every time you purchase a product from 33Fuel, you're contributing to the regeneration of forests.

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33Fuel Community and value

We thrive on building a community and we're hugely grateful for the loyalty of our customers. Alongside creating epic natural sports nutrition that breaks barriers, we also go above and beyond to over-deliver. 

We provide tons of free resources to help you reach your potential, whatever your goal - on our Blog, YouTube channel and podcast you'll find everything you need to excel.

Whether you're looking for training tips, nutrition and diet advice, or are on the hunt for the inside scoop of how pro athletes train, we've got you covered.

We spent days (weeks, in fact!) creating our Ultimate Nutrition Guides, which you can download for free, all because we want to help you reach your targets and enjoy the process. 

We are proud to have 4X Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington as part of the 33Fuel team. She's been with us since the beginning, saying: "I wanted to team up with a company that thought the same way as me - our philosophies matched. I was sick and tired of reading a list of ingredients I didn't understand, in sports nutrition and in my daily life."

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