Athletes That Need Proper Endurance Nutrition

Athletes That Need Proper Endurance Nutrition

Athletes are a breed all of their own. They spend hours training, competing and perfecting their diets to improve their athletic performance. For athletes that have forgone proper endurance nutrition, peak athletic performance is never achieved

If you have ever run a race or competed in an event without first eating the necessary calories and long lasting nutrients, odds are not good that you finished the race off very well. In fact there is an entire science that is based around endurance nutrition and the athletes around the world that are in need of it.

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When thinking of certain athletes that are in need of strict adherence to endurance nutrition is is common to think of bicyclists, long distance runners and swimmers. In truth, every athlete could benefit vastly from endurance nutrition or the added nutritional benefits of 33Fuel products.

Any athlete that deals with competition that lasts over 30 minutes will benefit from fast-acting energy gels. This is most pronounced in triathletes and extreme distance athletes that need to keep their caloric intake high throughout the entire competition.

Weight lifters also benefit from added energy in the form of energy gels from 33Fuel and superior protein powder too. These athletes have a large muscle mass that burns through energy at a very high rate.

To keep energy levels up even when a meal is not an option, visit 33Fuel. Our fast metabolising energy gels will give athletes the extra calories and energy that they need to get over their performance plateau and our all-natural protein-packed powder will aid recovery.

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