Strength training with Brian Keane

Strength training with Brian Keane

Brian Keane is the latest guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Brian is a man of many talents: a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist with experience in a huge range of sports and training methods. He’s now applying what he’s learnt about strength, power and smart training to endurance

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Brian played Gaelic football to an elite level, competed in CrossFit and bodybuilding and placed in the Top 10 at the world fitness modelling championships. He's recently made a foray into the world of endurance and is certainly making waves - his first ultra, the Marathon Des Sables, was swiftly followed by a non-stop 230km ultra through the Arctic.

Brian’s experience in such a wide range of sports - alongside his strength and conditioning coaching and nutritionist qualifications – puts him in a unique position to develop endurance athletes. If you’re looking for actionable strength and conditioning training for aerobic gains, you’re in the right place.

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Brian Keane and 33Fuel – on training with weight for the Marathon des Sables

When I signed up for Marathon Des Sables in August 2017 [6 months pre-race], I did my first 2km run in about two years. I was nearly sick! I remember thinking ‘oh my god what have I signed up for’. But that built really quickly - I went from 2km to 3km to 5km to 10km up until I was doing 20km runs at the end of my [strength and conditioning] workouts.

All I had with me [during the MDS] was oats, nuts, protein powder, chia seed gels and elite workout shakes. I had so much food - my backpack weighed twice as much as everyone else’s, but I was training with 20kg plates in my backpack.

I didn’t struggle once with the weight in my back either during training or during the event.”



Brian has been using our chia energy gels since he began ultrarunning. “I remember having this conversation with 33Fuel at the Marathon des Sables seminar. I was going out to MDS and I wasn’t taking any supplements with me. I can’t find any that don’t wreck my gut. I can’t find any that don’t make me sick. And then I came across yours [chia energy gel] and I’m like ok – this is all I use now in endurance events”.

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