9 Christmas gifts every athlete wants

9 Christmas gifts every athlete wants

Athletes can be tricky to buy for. We all have personal preferences when it comes to particular brands and products, but with Christmas imminent, here are nine Christmas gifts every athlete wants

  1. TRX suspension trainer. One of the best pieces of home-training kit, a TRX is hugely versatile and provides a full body workout both indoors or out. Suspension trainers work the finer, more injury-prone tendons and ligaments which are difficult to strengthen
  2. A vibrating massager. No, not one of those - we’re talking foam rollers. This painful (but beneficial) tool just got an upgrade. There are a few manufacturers of vibrating foam rollers, but this one by Vulken cranks things up a notch with four speed settings for optimal deep tissue massage and recovery
  3. Inov-8 running shoes. We’re big fans of Inov-8. They’ve designed some of our favourite footwear, work with some of our favourite athletes and their range caters for every style, distance and purpose
  4. Get a coach. A coach provides guidance, motivation and accountability. A great coach will also support, nurture and develop your talent. We highly recommend Stu and Michelle from Team Dillon as well as the Thomas Endurance Coaching across the pond
  5. Smart swim goggles. These aren’t any old swim goggles. These smart goggles by Form display metrics like speed, stroke count and distance so, whether you’re a triathlete looking for every gain or are overcome by boredom after 10-minutes staring at the black line on the bottom of the pool, these goggles are the perfect antidote
  6. Sufferfest membership. The ‘Complete cycling and triathlon training app’, Sufferfest really is a fantastic training tool at any time of year. With an enormous range of workouts to suit every ability and level of masochism, Sufferfest membership is guaranteed to bring gains to next year’s performance
  7. Eco friendly yoga mat. This yoga mat from ecoYoga is crafted from 100% sustainable, plant-based, biodegradable materials making it a great choice for eco-minded folk. With excellent non-slip grip, it’s also highly functional, perfect for beginner and expert alike
  8. Event entry. New events pop up on a seemingly weekly basis so gifting a race entry is a great way to encourage your loved one to stretch themselves. If you’re feeling kind, you could clarify what distance or discipline they might enjoy…otherwise you could just hit ‘Enter’ on a marathon or Ironman
  9. Sports nutrition bundle. Well, our top Christmas gifts for athletes couldn’t omit powerful, natural sports nutrition at reduced price, could it! Whether your loved one wants to run a marathonkeep healthy avoid colds this winter or hit 2020 with force, we have bundles for every ambition. Plus – until 31st December 2019 - we’ll throw in a little gift with each bundle purchase.

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