Chia energy gels for endurance performance

Chia energy gels for endurance performance

Think about endurance nutrition and it’s very easy to become caught up in the now. We focus on the race we’re preparing for, the session we have to hit that day or week, and our immediate goals. Having done that, we tailor our endurance nutrition accordingly on a short term basis.

And when it comes to endurance nutrition, the short term angle is the one the sports nutrition industry wants you to take. Buy product X now for ‘instant results’, take this gel or bar for ‘immediate energy’, and so on. If we take a breath to look at these claims, they’re hollow. As much fantasy as singing unicorns and flying sheep. Anyone who’s done serious endurance knows there’s no such thing as instant results. What these products are really selling is the fast hit of cheap sugar and other junk fillers like maltodextrin and acesulfame K. As an example, protein products are notorious for containing as much as double their labeled sodium content as it produces the appearance of rapid gains.

But for real gains, and genuinely sustainable performance you need serious nutrition that not only fuels your goals now, but that fuels your health and ongoing performance increases deep into the future. This is where our superfood shakes for endurance athletes and chia energy gels for runners, triathletes and distance cyclists come in.

If you really want to nail for nutrition for endurance or your nutrition for marathon running, or even your nutrition for triathlon and ironman, try 33Fuel superfood shakes for endurance or 33Fuel chia energy gels. They'll give you real performance like you've never seen before and they won't just deliver today, they'll keep delivering well into the future for sustainable performance you can really build on. 

Fuel well, fuel natural with 33Fuel.