Endurance training secrets with Hayden Allen

Endurance training secrets with Hayden Allen

Exercise physiologist, athlete and endurance specialist Hayden Allen is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel Podcast. If you’re looking to take your endurance performance up a notch - or if you’ve hit a plateau and want to break through – this training advice is for you

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Hayden Allen has a real depth of sports science knowledge. Having completed his Undergrad degree at Loughborough, he's now motoring through his PhD at Leeds Beckett. He’s also the elite performance scientist at Pure Performance Coaching.

Hayden began his athletic career as a basketball player but was soon bitten by the cycling bug. He developed quickly, progressing to a Cat 1 racer over the course of just 3 years, increasing his power at VO2 to ~450 watts in the process.

Hayden is in a unique position to combine his depth of scientific knowledge with his own real-world training and racing experience. In this conversation, Hayden shares a huge toolkit to help you develop your own endurance training and racing.

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Show snippets – on tailoring nutrition to training

When we exercise at a low intensity, our preferred fuel utilisation is going to prioritise fatty acids and less from carbs whereas those really hard sessions are going to be fuelled by carbs.

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During low intensity days, ask yourself if you can fuel more appropriately such that the adaptations from that training intensity are increased. When there’s higher intensity training to be done, can you fuel appropriately so that you're able to conduct the right amount of work at the right intensity and again maximise those adaptations?

From my experience, it’s a lot about getting the training schedule planned and then looking at which sessions are easy and which are hard and planning your nutrition around that.

33fuel hayden allen podcast - endurance training secrets

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