Podcast 76: how to create a powerful identity

Podcast 76: how to create a powerful identity

George Anderson is this week's guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Motivational speaker, endurance athlete and coach, this interview explores the concept of self-labelling and how to create a powerful identity

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What happens when you label yourself as your trade / hobby / profession or family role?

Identifying yourself as ‘an accountant’, ‘a runner’ or ‘a mum’ – what you do rather than who you are – can present difficulties. What happens when that part of your life is taken away? Whether it be through injury, redundancy or even your children growing up and leaving home, how you identify yourself is crucial to long-term happiness.

Sub-3 marathon runner, 10 marathons in 10 days ultrarunner and Ironman triathlete George Anderson provides valuable insight to aid the reframing of your self-identification.

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33Fuel podcast: George Anderson show snippets – on being grateful for what you’ve got

I love the idea that every failure holds the seed of a greater success. That’s been my experience.

When you’re feeling at your lowest point and like everything’s failing, it’s not easy to just ‘be more optimistic’, but there is nearly always something positive to take from these experiences. Even if it’s just the way you respond to a tragic event in your life. The thing you can control is your response to that thing and how you ‘show up’ afterwards.

It doesn’t change the situation, but bad things are always going to happen. These experiences can change you positively or negatively but what’s important to remember is that you’re always in control of which way that goes.

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