Gut Health 101 with Ross Austen

Gut Health 101 with Ross Austen

On the 33Fuel podcast this week, we talk gut health, kombucha, fermented food and Team GB bobsledding with Ross Austen. Hear how lifestyle, diet and exercise impact gut health and what small changes you can make to create a healthy microbiome

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A former bobsleigh athlete on the GB development team, Ross is a gut health expert. After a long career in sports science and elite performance, Ross started brewing his own kombucha at Hanora Health in order to forward the fight for better gut health and performance.

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In this conversation we explore the mechanisms behind how nutrition, lifestyle and exercise affects gut bacteria and how this in turn has an enormous impact on your overall health and athletic potential.

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33Fuel podcast show snippets – how to make kombucha

So, you start with a sweetened tea. The sugar is food for the culture bacteria and yeast, and you add this so it propagates with every batch - you add a previous batch of kombucha to a newly brewed tea.

This is left to ferment for a couple of days and the key to this is temperature. You need a warm environment to keep the yeast and bacteria active. This metabolizes the sugar into acetic acids and probiotics rendering a low-sugar drink that can then either be flavoured or you can drink it as is.

The length of fermentation will determine the acidity of the drink. Hardcore kombucha guys are happy to drink it like vinegar, but to make it more enjoyable we keep a small amount of sugar in there to make it a lot more palatable!”

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