Podcast 88: How to create powerful nutrition habits

Podcast 88: How to create powerful nutrition habits

Sports and exercise nutritionist Meghan Bentley is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Meghan has a deep academic background in the worlds of sport, exercise nutrition, health and lifestyle. She works for the English Institute of Sport and has just completed her PhD, which is the focus of today’s conversation

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Meghan’s PhD is all about matching the theory of nutrition with the how to engender positive behaviour change - after all, “it’s not what you know, it’s what you do”. Many of us understand which foods are good and which are bad, so why do so many fail to implement lasting change? It’s about focusing on behavioural change.

If you’re looking to build positive habits into your life, this conversation is for you. Whether you’re an athlete looking to achieve training consistency or nail your diet (or perhaps want to rid yourself of a negative habit), there’s plenty to take away from this fascinating and informative discussion.

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Show snippets – 3 questions to ask when changing habits

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When looking to change a habit, as yourself these three questions.

  1. Do I have the capability? So, do you have the knowledge or skill to change this habit? For example, when it comes to fuelling endurance ride better, do I know what I should be eating? How much? What type of food? Do I take food with me or get it en route?
  2. Do I have the opportunity to do it? What are my social influences like on the ride? Do they stop to fuel? Do they eat healthy nutrition? What’s the culture like? Cake and coffee? Or gels and bars?
  3. Am I motivated to change this behaviour? How important is this change to me? Is it a priority? Will this behaviour change really make a difference to my cycling performance and enjoyment? Also, do I have the confidence to make this change?"

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If you’re inspired to make a change, one place to look for gains is at your sports nutrition. Ordinary gels are high GI and full of processed ingredients. Make a change and go for a healthy, natural gel based on chia seeds, as used by ultrarunning legends the Tarahumara Indians

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