Mistakes To Avoid When Training

Mistakes To Avoid When Training

At 33Fuel, we understand endurance athletes because we are endurance athletes ourselves; that is why we created our endurance nutrition supplements in the first place. Particularly when you begin training for your first marathon, it is easy to make mistakes based on your misconceptions of endurance nutrition and training. Here are some mistakes that endurance athletes commonly make during training, and what you can do instead:

Pushing Yourself Too Hard

You want to be the best athlete you can be, so that means pushing yourself to the limits, right? Wrong! Of course you must put a lot of effort into your training, but you shouldn’t be trying to break any goals the day before your race, because sore muscles will stop you from optimal performance during your marathon. Training means putting small efforts towards your goal over a long period of time. Going hard right before your event will not make a difference in your performance if you have not put the steady effort into training already.

Not Fueling Properly

If you were racing a car, you would fill your tank with the highest quality gas. It should be no different when you are racing yourself. Endurance nutrition does not have to be complicated. Do not eat high-GI foods; your body needs complex carbohydrates to keep going. As a general rule, you should be eating whole foods — nothing that comes in packages, like crisps. You should avoid fatty foods, and opt for moderately protein-filled foods. Do not “carbo-load” the night before the race. Try our All-In-One Shake for optimal pre-race nutrition.

Not Warming Up

Before every workout, you should be giving your body time to prepare for more intense movement in order to avoid injury. Particularly the day of your marathon, start with a progressive warm up period so your muscles are ready for the challenge ahead. 

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