Open water swim nutrition

Open water swim nutrition

Open water swim nutrition: 33Fuel athlete Luke Tyburski swims Gibraltar Strait

If you’re after the excellent open water swim nutrition, our Chia Energy Gels are just the ticket. As used by extreme endurance athlete Luke Tyburski when swimming 25km from Morocco to Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar recently during his 12-day Ultimate Triathlon.

The gels gave Luke strong and accessible stable energy with zero stomach issues and are the only gel you can easily supply from a support boat. Given that Luke was headed straight into a 150-mile bike as soon as he exited the water and had another 11 days of competition ahead of that, starting this platform strong, happy and issue-free was essential. 

Luke explain how the gels worked for him in the video below.

All you need is a small carabiner and a decent length of twine, narrow rope or string. Make a small hole in your Chia Energy Gel sachet – we’re the only gel with a clear area allowing you to do this without spilling product everywhere – then pass the carabiner through. Attach to string, and bingo: one gel, ready for easy hurling/retrieval from boat to swimmer and back again.

From the swimmer’s point of view we’ve also made delivery as easy as possible. The flip cap means no need to fight with wet gel tear strips, while the solid spout means easy eating, no matter how rough the water.


Open water swim nutrition 33fuel chia energy gel