Sourcing the best endurance supplements

Sourcing the best endurance supplements

Sourcing the best endurance supplements – how to spot good from bad

In the world of sports nutrition there are a number of neat tricks employed by large companies with larger marketing budgets to persuade consumers - even educated ones - that their products may deliver more than they do. This makes sorting good from bad in the supplement market a far harder job than it needs to be. Here we'll break down one of the most common tricks to look for next time you're in search of the best endurance supplements, then we'll give you the three simple tips you can use to make sure you're not duped by tricks like this ever again.

Remember: the Good Guys don't waste time or money trying to con you with cheap shots like the one we're about to reveal here. They just deliver good sh*t that works, and let the results speak for themselves.

For companies trying to pass off cheap junk as the next big thing however, clever ad wording is a common way to go.

One of our favourite examples - and there are many to choose from - is this well-known Lucozade campaign pitting Lucozade Sport drink against water, with water coming a very sorry second. The message is clear: Lucozade Sport is better than water. With water being the source of life, this is some claim.

sourcing the best endurance supplements

No wonder Robshaw's grimacing, perhaps he's just read the ingredients label








Let's take a look at that headline in more detail: "Hydrates and fuels better than water". Well of course it would. 

Water, being water, contains zero calories, or to use Lucozade's term - zero fuel. This makes it 100% hopeless for fueling. It has nothing to fuel you with, it's water. Duh. 

Lucozade Sport on the other hand contains glucose syrup (sugar), and the toxic sweeteners aspartame, and acesulfame k among other things giving it almost 600 calories of 'fuel'. Crap fuel, but fuel nonetheless. 

Which makes this ad a comparison of two different things, with the result based on a property one thing doesn't even contain

Examine the campaign deeper on Lucozade's website and you'll see dramatic footage of runners on treadmills. All with a big heading next to it saying 'The Science' just in case you were worried it might actually be some half-arsed exercise in stating the bleeding obvious.

Half of the runners have Lucozade Sport (calories), while others have water (no calories). 

They run to exhaustion, and would you bloody believe it, the runners with no calories run out of energy first.

No shit Sherlock.

All of which proves:

'Some calories will take you further than no calories'. 

Nowhere does it prove Lucozade's calories are better at this than anything else, which - as someone in the market for the best endurance supplements - is what you would want to know.

So next time you're looking for the best endurance supplements, beat the bullsh*t with these simple tips:

  • Ignore the marketing messages. Instead go straight to the ingredients label. If you see multiple sweeteners (acesulfame K, maltodexrtrin, sucralose, fructose), and/or multiple sugars (glucose syrup, rice syrup, sucrose, sugar) it's junk
  • Take this a step further with our list of the 12 worst ingredients in sports nutrition. Any one of these in a product is a big red flag that it's a hyped up piece of tosh. When a product's ingredients label reads like a chemistry experiment, it is and you're the lab rat
  • Listen to your body. How does a product make you feel? Ignore what anyone else says about a product, consider how you feel when you use it. How's your digestion? Your energy levels? Your mood? Do you look forward to using it, or do you dread having to force it down? Does it taste good - would you want to eat it if you weren't training? The answers to these questions will tell you more than anything else. If any are negatives, you have your answer - the endurance supplement in question isn't working for you. Bin it, and move on 

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