Why Runners Need Endurance Nutrition

Why Runners Need Endurance Nutrition

Running is unlike any other competitive activity around. The battle you wage is with your own mind and body. Runners put their bodies through incredible amounts of stress and pain. In order to be at full potential a runner must feed their bodies with the proper nutrition. As a runner you must understand the need for proper endurance nutrition.

In order to make it through your daily, weekly, and monthly runs, your body needs to be fueled up. When you do not eat the proper amounts of nutrients your body will break down muscle and fat to compensate. This may sound fine to some people, but it can release an excessive amount of ketones which can be detrimental to your overall health. Improper nutrition will also leech important vitamins and minerals out of your bones which can lead to stress fractures, fractures, brittle bones, and low bone mass.

It is most important for your overall health and training that you are eating a quality diet on a daily basis. Endurance nutrition is much different than a normal diet. Understand the ratio of nutrients your body craves and what foods are the best to eat for the best caloric value. Macronutrients are your friends. Never, ever, ever, skip breakfast. If you are a dedicated endurance athlete, start timing your meals. Make your daily meals into a schedule to fuel your body. The most important thing for you to do is to stay hydrated. Vitamins and minerals rely on proper hydration for uptake and food relies on water for proper nutrient absorption.

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