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Better Fuel Carb Drink Blend

  • Stable energy, no stomach trouble
  • Delicious plant-based carb drink
  • Naturally high in vitamin C
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Better Fuel Carb Drink
Rethink your energy drink. Five natural real food ingredients, one mighty, delicious plant-based carb drink. For your performance, health and a fitter future - it's our Fuelosophy®

“The most refreshing drink I’ve ever had” is how one elite sports nutritionist described Better Fuel because this is the highly effective carb drink you can enjoy. It also packs a secret added extra.

While other carb drinks are the same old mix of ultraprocessed sugars, sweeteners & flavourings for carbs alone, Better Fuel’s unique natural formula of real pineapple, organic baobab, & lemon delivers those carbs and a bonus supply of vitamins and minerals from vitamin C and iron to calcium, potassium and magnesium.

You get all the carbs you need to fuel your sport and a bonus shot of vitamins & minerals for health & performance. Want to give your body more? Give it Better Fuel.

    • The carb drink that gives you more - carbs plus vitamins & minerals
    • No stomach trouble thanks to totally natural real food formula
    • Vegan, plant-based, dairy free and gluten-free
    • Stable energy for as long as you need. No peaks, no crashes
    • Delicious
    • Organic ingredients

    Carb drink bike 33Fuel

    Better Fuel carb drink is delicious natural fuel for your sport and training. It’s ideal for fueling your cycling and running and is also a great option for gym workouts. 

    How to use

    • Add one serving (three heaped tablespoons) to 500-750ml of water in a bottle and shake well

    When to use

    • During exercise drink one bottle of Better Fuel every 45-60 minutes

    Pro tips

    • In normal use one serving of Better Fuel per bottle is ideal, but you can also adjust the strength of your Better Fuel as needed. For lighter sessions under 45 mins use half a serving per bottle and for hard efforts when maximum carbohydrates are needed use a double serving per bottle

    Good to know

    • Natural and delicious, no stomach trouble
    • Vegan, plant-based, dairy free
    • Stable energy for as long as you need. No peaks, no crashes

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    Ingredients: Plant-Based & Planet-Based® Energy Blend (brown cane sugar, Organic baobab powder*, Organic pineapple powder*, French lemon powder), Himalayan pink salt

    *Certified Organic

    Nutrition per serving (25g)
    Energy 393KJ/100Kcal
    Carbohydrate 25g
    Of which sugars 18g
    Protein 0.38g
    Fat 0.03g
    Of which saturates 0.01g
    Fibre 4g
    Sodium 10mg
    Potassium 210mg
    Calcium 27mg
    Magnesium 12mg
    Iron 0.84mg

    Nutrition per 100g
    Energy 1643KJ/417Kcal
    Carbohydrate 98g
    Of which sugars 70g
    Protein 1.48g
    Fat 0.1g/
    Of which saturates 0.04g
    Fibre 15g
    Sodium 151mg
    Potassium 827mg
    Calcium 105mg
    Magnesium 47mg
    Iron 3.3mg

    Our Better Fuel Carb Drink Blend, like all 33Fuel products follows our unique Plant-Based & Planet-Based® approach because plant-based and vegan formulas aren’t just better for performance and health, they’re also better for the planet than animal-based formulas.

    Better Fuel Carb Drink Blend also:

    • Has fully recyclable packaging

    • Has no plastic scoop. All serving measurements are in tablespoons so you can use your own. The world does not need more plastic scoops!

    • Is delivered packed in plain, recyclable delivery packaging

    • Is available with free carbon neutral delivery

    • Helps reforestation. A portion of all 33Fuel sales go to One Tree Planted to help fund their reforestation efforts around the world

    We’ve been crafting award-winning natural sports nutrition at 33Fuel since 2012 and everything we do is lead by our Fuelosophy for Performance, Health and a Fitter Future.

    All 33Fuel products live this Fuelosophy so you can always buy Better Fuel with confidence knowing it will fuel your performance today, your health tomorrow and help build a fitter future for you and the planet

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Louise Amyx
    I am all for this product.

    I have ditched any kind of athletes nutrition based on Maltodextrin a while ago, and the 33Fuel Carb Drink is by far the best hydration out there for biking, running and swimming. I love that it’s not sweet or artificial tasting, the natural ingredients make me feel “safe” and not like I am feeding my body some chemically processed junk. I am all for this product!

    my new go to hydration

    first few times not sure but then improved the ratio(34grams) and this hits the spot for myself in regards to sugar and salts. easy on stomach on good on energy returns

    Pete Shorland
    Outlaw Holkam Half

    Great product , no gastric issues , no cramp ,used in conjunction with Chia gels.
    perfect race combination.

    Garry Doolan
    Worked a treat.

    Used for the first time properly in a mountainous 52-mile race. No stomach problems. Easy to drink and mix and tasted fine throughout a long day. Mixed slightly stronger than suggested on packet to increase carbs per hour. Very impressed.

    Richard Spode
    Best there is!

    Used your products for a couple years now and they have been superb, great tasting and good on the tummy. Would highly recommend

    Carb drink 33Fuel better fuel

    Rethink the way you fuel

    Better Fuel Carb Drink Blend

    Give your body more with the natural plant-based carb drink that powers up your sport and training with delicious stable energy and a bonus hit of vitamins and minerals

    A fitter future for you & the planet
    It's our Fuelosophy

    Better Fuel carb drink doesn't just fuel your fitter future, with its plant-based formula, fully recyclable packaging and no plastic scoop (all servings are in tablespoons), it's also helping fuel a fitter future for us all

    Carb drink 33Fuel Fuelosophy

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