Cycling nutrition

For too long cycling nutrition hasn't changed, and nor have the results - stomach issues, poor taste, unstable energy levels during long efforts, and - of course - gluey gel gunk stuck to your gloves

While every other aspect of cycling performance kit has been transformed by the march of progress, cycling nutrition has remained in a sickly cul-de-sac of brightly coloured powders, gels and bars. At 33Fuel, we don't think this is close to good enough.

We've redesigned sports nutrition from the ground up, using the most powerful ingredients in nature - no more dodgy chemical experiments. The result is products that deliver a performance upgrade you can feel.

You'll find a full suite of delicious, high-performance nutrition for your cycling in our range from Better Fuel, our all-natural carb drink blend to our gamechanging 4-ingredient Chia Energy Gels, to Premium Recovery Protein and our incredible Eroica Protein and Amore Energy bars.

Cycling nutrition no longer has to mean compromising on taste, quality or enjoyment - shop 33Fuel cycling nutrition below