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Amore Natural Energy Bar

  • Delicious natural energy bar
  • Plant-based and vegan
  • Handmade in Italy
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Amore Natural Energy Bar
Rethink your natural energy bar. Based on an ancient Italian recipe that fueled Roman legions Amore is packed with fruit, nuts with nature’s own energy booster, maca. For your performance, health and a fitter future - it’s our Fuelosophy®

‘Amore’ is Italian for ‘Love’ and your tastebuds will love these as much as your performance does. Packed with nutrient-dense fruit and the finest Italian almonds, they also contain maca, an Andean superfood shown to naturally boost energy & endurance.

Amore’s story is a love story that begins in 2002 with 33Fuel founders Erica (Italian) and Warren (English) meeting on a plane from Rome to London. Love hit big time and when they married in Tuscany they discovered the amazing sweet treat panforte in the coffee shops which instantly became a favourite training snack. Inspired, panforte’s amazing fruit/nut base became the foundations for this delicious natural energy bar.

• Perfect natural training fuel & snack
• Vegan, plant-based & delicious
• With maca, a superfood shown to naturally boost energy and endurance
• Low GI sugars for stable energy. No peaks, no crashes
• No stomach trouble thanks to natural real food formula
• Source of fibre, helps lower cholesterol & blood pressure

Energy Bar 33Fuel

Our Amore Natural Energy Bar is delicious fuel during exercise. It’s as happy powering your gym workout as it is fueling your cross country bike rides and runs.

How to use

  • Open wrapper, and enjoy!

When to use

  • Use Amore before your sport to top up energy levels before activity, use it during your sport to stay strong and energised, or simply use it as a healthy training snack during your busy day.
When used during exercise eat one Amore bar every 45-90 minutes

Good to know

  • Vegan, plant-based and dairy-free
  • Contains maca, an Andean superfood shown to naturally boost energy and endurance
  • The ideal natural training fuel & energy snack
  • Low GI sugars for stable energy levels
  • Real food formula means no stomach trouble
  • Source of fibre, helps lower cholesterol & blood pressure

Ingredients: Italian almonds, Italian candied peels (orange, citron, melon), coconut sugar, wheat flour, maca, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg, macis, natural edible wafer paper (potato starch)

Nutrition per serving 1 bar (60g)
Energy 949KJ/227Kcal
Carbohydrate 37g
Of which sugars 27g
Protein 4.2g
Fat 7g
Of which saturates 0.59g
Fibre 3g
Sodium 85mg
Potassium 118.2mg
Calcium 43mg
Iron 0.65mg

Nutrition per 100g
Energy 1596KJ/379Kcal
Carbohydrate 61g
Of which sugars 45g
Protein 7g
Fat 12g
Of which saturates 0.99g
Fibre 5.31g
Sodium 141mg
Potassium 197.3mg
Calcium 72.58mg
Iron 1.08mg

Our Amore Energy bar, like all 33Fuel products follows our unique Plant-Based & Planet-Based® approach because plant-based and vegan formulas aren’t just better for performance and health, they’re also better for the planet than animal-based formulas.

All Amore Energy Bars also:

• Have fully recyclable packaging

• Are delivered packed in plain, recyclable delivery packaging

• Are available with free carbon neutral delivery

• Help reforestation. A portion of all 33Fuel sales go to One Tree Planted to help fund their reforestation efforts around the world

We’ve been crafting award-winning natural sports nutrition at 33Fuel since 2012 and everything we do is lead by our Fuelosophy - Performance, Health and a Fitter Future.

All 33Fuel products live this Fuelosophy so you can always buy Amore Energy Bars with confidence knowing they will fuel your performance today, your health tomorrow and help build a fitter future for you and the planet

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ed Marley-Shaw
Great all natural energy bar

I really enjoyed this all natural energy bar. Great on a 100km ride!

Andrew Morris
Energy bar

When on a multi day day event it is usual that you start to lose your appetite for any/all energy products but i can honestly say these Amore Natural Energy Bars remained very appealing throughout my 5 day arctic food race, thanks to the sense and taste of "real foods" and not the usual chemical induced foods that are so common. Amazing ! Furthermore,m despite the extreme conditions they remained very easy to eat, they did not freeze !! Thank you gang, keep up your amazing and authentic approach to "our" well-being !

Fab bars

Use them for my long rides. Perfect

Matt Whittaker
First taste

Loving the energy bars, I’ve tried just before a long ride or run and the sessions have been a breeze. You can tell from the weight and density of them that they pack a decent amount of fuel. Nice to eat something that tastes good. I’ll be certainly using them in the future. I have big plans for 2023 and will defo being using Fuel33👌🏻

Gosia Pospiech
If you're into fruit cake

I don't think I've read the description, just assumed it's going to be a hard bar so squidgy cake surprised me. It's yummy, just not what I expected, and I'm not always into spiced fruit cake flavor

Rethink the way you fuel

Amore Energy Bar

Loaded with Italian almonds, fruit and mighty maca, the Andean superfood shown to naturally boost energy and endurance, the Amore Energy Bar is the perfect natural fueling partner for your sport

A fitter future for you & the planet
It's our Fuelosophy

With their mighty natural formula our Amore Energy Bars power your personal fitter future. Totally plant-based with fully recyclable packaging and the option of carbon neutral delivery on every order, they also help a fitter future for the planet

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