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When you're looking to maximise health, fitness and athletic performance, it’s easy to focus solely on training and nutrition but often it’s lifestyle factors that determine our ultimate ability to achieve. These articles are all about how lifestyle impacts performance and wellbeing and share actionable tips for your to stay strong, fast and happy

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lifestyle articles to help boost training and performance

11 great reads

We love a good book. Everyone at the 33Fuel team was asked to contribute two or three of their favourite reads to this list. It's by no means comprehensive, but we hope you find some to add to your list.

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Run your way to health, happiness and fitness in lockdown

Pubs, cinemas, museums and restaurants might be closed, but as runners we’ve hit the jackpot. Yes, we’re only allowed to exercise outside once per day but how much do you love that one outdoor run? Our appreciation has skyrocketed. And, for those who can’t run outside, there’s plenty of ways to boost run fitness, efficiency and economy indoors…

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Can I improve immune function?

Products claiming to boost immune function abound, but how try or even possible is this claim? We delve into the science and unpick what exactly the immune system is and how it functions, thus discovering our ability or otherwise to impact it’s efficacy. See the outcome of our research and how you can impact yours

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Better sleep for athletes

Sleep is the bedrock of health and performance. Without adequate quality sleep, we simply will never reach our goals. Here’s how to get a better nights sleep.

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The ins and outs of sex and performance

The night before a big race or training session, should you have sex? Does doing so boost performance or take the edge off? We delve into the science to explore!

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12 cold shower benefits

It might not be the most pleasant sensation at first (but this does change) but once you know the surprising array of benefits to a cold shower, you might be willing to put up with the 10-30 seconds of discomfort to reap them.

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How to use marginal gains for major long-term benefits

Popularised by Dave Brailsford, marginal gains theory holds that rather than looking for huge, hard to come by wins, ticking small, seemingly inadequate boxes is what leads to truly great performance. And no one can argue with Sir Dave’s track record. Here’s how to use marginal gains in day to day life.

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8 reasons your need to do handstands (and how to do them)

Anyone can learn to handstand – you’re never too old or too tired! Plus, when you understand the benefits, you’ll definitely want to give them a go

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Sensible sun exposure

We’re so afraid of getting burnt, slapping on the Factor 50 as soon as we emerge into the rays that we’re actually doing ourselves a disservice. Protection against burning is absolutely necessary, but sensible sun exposure is also key to healthy Vitamin D levels

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Avoid these common New Year’s resolutions

We all know someone – or probably lots of people – who set outlandish New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, the only person who can’t see that they’re on a one-way path to failure is themselves. Learn how to nail resolutions and how to stick with them

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Should I train on Christmas Day?

It’s a tricky question to answer. Some pro athletes do. Some don’t. Weigh up the options with this objective view.

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9 Christmas gifts every athlete want

From a TRX to a vibrating massager (careful), we’ve got you covered so you can rest assured you’ll buy your loved one something they actually want!

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Blue Zones – 7 lessons from the healthiest people on earth

There are distinctive geographical areas with a disproportionate number of centenarians. Not only do they live longer, but they appear to be happier too. What’s the secret? What lessons can we take from these areas to apply to our own lives?

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How to avoid jet lag in 10 steps

In an ever-shrinking world, we’re travelling more than ever with some crossing multiple time zones many times each month. This wreaks havoc on cortisol, sleep patterns and disrupts training consistency, but here’s 10 tips to help you keep things on track.

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How to dominate New Year’s Resolutions like a boss

It’s been said on more than one occasion that New Year’s Resolutions are jut rubbish. No-one ever sticks to them anyway. But it doesn’t have to be that way - if you’re fed up of always getting to January 18th having blown your ambitions, read this article to become a better goal setter.

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