How to use Elite Meal Replacement Shake

33Fuel Meal Replacement Shake

Welcome to elite nutrition. Our Elite Meal Replacements pack nature’s 33 most powerful athletic superfoods into the ultimate blend for your toughest training and biggest events. They naturally promote lean muscle, aid recovery, reduce inflammation, support immune function and promote stable energy.

How to use

  • Each shake is individually packed for the optimal perfectly-balanced serving every time
  • For the ultimate in high performance luxury, blend one shake (one pack) with a banana and your favourite milk in a blender
  • Alternatively, mix into porridge or stir into yoghurt
  • On the go, simply soak in water or your favourite milk for two minutes

When to use

  • This is the most versatile shake you’ve ever had.
  • Meal replacement: use to turbo-charge the nutrient density and performance quality of your daily diet as needed, whether as part of daily meals or even instead of daily meals depending on your total daily calorie needs
  • Post workout shake: use after extreme sessions or intense competition when you’ve totally emptied the tank and need the ultimate in recovery
  • Pre workout shake: use as all or part of your competiton day breakfast when you need the ultimate nutritional start to your high performance day. Especially valuable on days where pre-event nerves make eating more challenging

Pro tip

  • Mix with frozen sliced banana in the blender for the highest performance milkshake you’ve ever had

Good to know

  • One perfectly-calibrated serving in every pack
  • High protein, high fibre, vegan & gluten-free
  • Nature’s finest fats and optimal plant proteins
  • Natural alkalysers, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories      

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