How to use Elite Shake

For regular training and recovery Premium Protein is likely what you need, but for your biggest races, matches, events and toughest training blocks our Elite Pre and Post Workout Shakes are simply unbeatable. 

When to use
Before and/or after your biggest training sessions, races, matches and events for the ultimate in nutritional support

How to prepare

  • For a luxurious treat, blend with a banana, and milk or your preferred alternative milk
  • Alternatively, mix into porridge or stir into yoghurt
  • On the go, simply soak in water or your preferred alternative milk option for two minutes

Elite Shake Pro tip #1: Slice and freeze banana, then add to your Shake in the blender instead of fresh banana for the most delicious 'milk shake' experience

Elite Shake Pro tip #2: For major endurance events, consider using mid-race as well to help performance and recovery. Great examples here are T2 (bike to run in an Ironman) or in a key aid station drop bag at ultramarathons

Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes combine brilliantly with the rest of the 33Fuel Protein & Recovery range for a full set of recovery options from bars (Eroica Protein bar) to powders (Premium Protein)