33Fuel pre and post workout shake review 220 triathlon

33Fuel pre and post workout shake review 220 triathlon

Another 33Fuel review has hit the newstands in the hallowed pages of 220 Triathlon magazine in their independent test section where not only did they reckon the Pre and Post Workout Shake was "delicious" and "crammed with goodness" but they also scored it a whopping 80%.

You can find more unbiased, independent customer and media reviews of 33Fuel products here

Back with the 220 Triathlon review, a lot of media are routinely fed expensive PR posing as 'information' telling them how great synthetic sports nutrition is, and helpfully supplying tame experts on the payroll of the companies involved. In the face of this its easy for the same tired old nutritional advice (eat more carbs, eat more processed sugar) to go around and around.

Thanks to forward-thinking journalists like those at 220 Triathlon testing products independently and with an open mind consumers can expect a better deal from their nutrition as inferior products now have fewer places to hide. 

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Here's the 220 review of 33Fuel's Pre and Post Workout Shake in full:

33Fuel review in 220 Triathlon magazine, the UK's biggest triathlon publication


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