33Fuel in Runner's World magazine

33Fuel in Runner's World magazine

Runner's World magazine has awarded us with some great accolades over the years. We sent them our Chia Energy Gels, Ultimate Daily Greens and Elite Pre & Post Workout Shakes to get their thoughts on the products. Keep scrolling to see what they had to say:

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Runner's World award-winning Ultimate Daily Greens

33fuel ultimate daily runners world award winning

Runner's World awarded Ultimate Daily Greens health product of the year

Runner's World review: the perfect Sub-3 marathon breakfast:

Editor Andy Dixon used 33Fuel's Pre and Post Workout Shakes for a successful sub-3 hour marathon attempt in London. He explained afterwards, "there's a part of my sub-3 certificate with 33Fuel's name on it!"

Writing about the experience in the magazine Dixon added:

"During training I worked out that a solid breakfast pre-run didn't sit well in my stomach. Instead I opted for a 33Fuel's Pre and Post Workout Shake (www.33fuel.com) which fixed my digestive issues while still giving me plenty of energy for the run."

33fuel runners world award winners - elite workout shakes33Fuel Pre and Post Workout Shakes: the ideal Sub-3 hour marathon breakfast for RW Ed, Andy Dixon

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Review 2: Chia Energy Gels recommended on the run

Straight to the point as ever, Runner's World's review of 33Fuel's unique Chia Energy Gels concluded runners could, "avoid a sugar crash with this lower-GI gel designed for a sustained energy boost".

33fuel runners world magazine - chia energy gel"Avoid a sugar crash with this lower-GI chia energy gel designed for a sustained energy boost", Runner's World

Review 3: the ultimate immune system boosters

Looking into immune function Runner's World also recommend 33Fuel Chia Energy Gels on the run, and Pre and Post Workout Shakes as pre or post-run fuel/refuel for anyone looking to optimise immune function this season.

"It's important to take in protein [when running long] which is needed for muscle repair and to fuel amino acids that your body may turn to for fuel in the later stages of long runs if it runs low on glucose. Research has shown that even moderate protein deficiency can result in impaired immune function.

"Try Chia Energy Gels (www.33fuel.com), which strike the right carb/protein fuel balance for long runs, with protein-rich chia seeds, low-GI, high-carb palm sugar, plus antioxidants, omega-3 and electrolytes.

"The company also does excellent Pre and Post Workout Shakes."

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