33Fuel review

33Fuel review

33Fuel review

From humble beginnings making products in a small apartment kitchen, to global sales and elite athlete endorsement today, 33Fuel sports nutrition has exploded on word of mouth alone. 

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In the meantime, here's a 33Fuel review from legendary cycling website Road.CC

Road.CC had been interested in 33Fuel's products and natural approach since discovering them at the UK Cycle Show with Technical Editor, Mat Brett reckoning the products, "offered something a little different from the norm, using natural superfoods with the aim of boosting endurance"

The team then tested a stash of 33Fuel product independently.

Of the Chia Energy Gels, experienced tester David Else says:

"The taste is pleasant and refreshing; it's slightly savoury and at the same time very slightly sweet, but not sticky. I experienced no ill-effects on the digestive front.

"So far, so good, but do these Chia gels work? To test them, I went for a hard fast training ride after not eating all morning. After an hour I was flagging. I had a Chia Energy Gel and went up the next hill feeling revived. So, yes, they work."

His conclusion? A 9/10 for performance. Happy days indeed!

33Shake review

33Fuel Chia Energy Gel - Performance: 9/10. Road.CC

It was a similar story with the Pre and Post Workout Shakes, scoring a knockout overall 8/10 with Else explaining that, "designed originally for ultra-runners and endurance athletes, [these shakes] may also be useful for cyclists, especially those that find processed food supplements ineffective or difficult to stomach", recommending them, "if you're really pushing the miles or aiming for very high standards, and feel you're not getting the results you want from other energy foods or nutritional supplements".

33Shake review pre and post workout shakes

Pre and Post Workout Shakes use when you're aiming for high standards, Road.CC. 

33Fuel exists to make the best, highest performing products possible with no corners cut and no expense spared - products that genuinely do justice to the graft athletes of all levels put into squeezing the best from their bodies.

It's an approach at odds with a sports nutrition industry that has had too easy, too long, and that is dominated by cheap junk food sugars, additives and sweeteners disguised as performance fuel thanks to expensive marketing and hokey science. Hats off to Road.CC for having the plums to give 33Fuel a fair crack of the whip based on results. It's great to see the tide turning as thought leaders like Road.CC begin questioning the outdated models of nutrition.

33Fuel™, Fueling limitless performance since 2012