Podcast 65: Beat your fears with coach Kim Ingleby

Podcast 65: Beat your fears with coach Kim Ingleby

Beat your fears with TEDx speaker, coach and athlete Kim Ingleby - this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast.

Kim has competed at international level and coached pro athletes in a range of sports. Her ability and passion to impact people’s lives is extraordinary. Kim has raised over £85,000 for charity, and in this conversation shares insight into how to beat your fears and achieve what you truly are capable of.

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33Fuel podcast - Kim Ingleby show highlights: Five fundamentals of fear

  1. "Fear is normal. We suppress it and say we shouldn’t feel it. We should be open to all emotions – including fear – for a full life"
  2. "Fear can be your friend if you turn and face it"
  3. "The more we avoid our fears, the more they grow"
  4. "Ask yourself 'why have I got this fear' and ask yourself how you can change the fear. It will diminish"
  5. "If you work through fear, you grow"

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