Plant based diet for performance

Plant based diet for performance

This week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast is Nigel Mitchell. Ex head of nutrition at GB Cycling and Team Sky, Nigel now heads up nutritional strategy for professional cycling team EF Education First. In this podcast, Nigel discusses how a plant based diet could be the key to unlocking next level performance

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Nigel has devised the fuelling strategies for some of the world’s best endurance athletes. Indeed, his riders have won Grand Tours and Olympic medals, so we’re thrilled to speak with him about performance nutrition.

This conversation explores the performance potential of a plant-based diet. We love that Nigel isn’t dogmatic about this topic – he’s certainly not a raging vegan and firmly believes balance is required. He addresses all nutritional strategies with an evidence-based head on his shoulders.

So, if you want to improve your diet and incorporate more plant-based nutrition without any compromise in performance, this interview is for you!

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33Fuel podcast show snippets – on why a plant-based diet takes a little effort

By going onto more of a plant-based diet, if people are really considering what they’re eating then they will automatically look at increasing the vegetables within their diet, meaning they’re getting a lot more of the micronutrients within that.

The problem, however, comes when people don’t really think about what they’re eating. It’s still very easy to jut swap from a mixed diet to a plant based diet by simply removing the meat element. So, you’ve gone from pasta and chicken to removing the chicken and eating pasta only – you’re not really boosting your diet!

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So, it’s really important that people consider a wide range of different vegetables, grains and seeds within their diet. In that way, they can improve the nutritional content of their diet and support their performances”.

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