Top 14 Podcasts

Top 14 Podcasts

Autumn is the perfect time to indulge in the world of podcasts. And what a mighty big world it is. You'll find literally hundreds of podcasts on training, nutrition and personal development, of course, but also dozens about hair dressing, cat gymnastics and (probably) Himalayan basket weaving. We’re avid podcast listeners, so here’s our top 14 recommendations

I hadn’t appreciated the vastness of the podcast landscape until I delved into iTunes on the hunt for material to keep my mind active during tedious long training runs. Whether you’re looking to learn something new, develop yourself or find peace in this current uncertainty, there’s a podcast for that.

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All of us at the 33HQ are avid podcast listeners, so here’s a compilation of our top 15 lockdown listens:

1. Rich Roll – plant-powered wellness advocate, bestselling author and endurance athlete, Rich delves deep into conversations with the world’s brightest and most thought-provoking leaders, be that in sport, business or lifestyle

2. Unlocking Us - Brene Brown engages in conversations which “unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent and lead with more courage and heart

3. The Peter Attia Drive – despite the depths to which Peter dives exploring the limits of human performance and longevity, we love his style. He makes (almost everything) easy to understand and apply. If you’re interested in health and longevity, this one’s for you.

4. Finding Mastery – hosted by psychologist Michael Gervais, Finding Mastery presents thoughtful conversations with the world’s leading thinkers and leaders. From athletes to CEOs, Michael’s interviewing style is excellent, always fishing out the most insightful nuggets to share with his followers

5. Inside Tri Show – hosted by the charming Helen Murray, the Inside Tri Show has climbed the triathlon rankings with impressive speed. You’ll hear interviews with seasoned pros, the latest race results, community commentary and be inspired by the range of guests Helen interviews.

6. Ted Radio Hour – this weekly one-hour show “explores the biggest questions of our time with the help from the world’s greatest thinkers

7. No Such Thing As A Fish – this weekly pod is created by the production team behind the BBC’s QI television programme and - like the TV show - is packed with the week’s fascinating facts!

8. Talk Ultra – Ian Corless is the knowledge when it comes to ultrarunning. He has his hands firmly on the ultra pulse and shares the latest news, commentary, interviews, race results and new gear releases

9. Endurance Minded - this podcast "dives deep into the psychological, emotional and mental components that drive endurance athletes to push themselves further and faster". The team at Thomas Endurance Coaching interview everyone from world-class athletes to coaches to bring you the most comprehensive endurance training guidance.

10. Trailrunner Nation – our friends at TRN cover all things trail running from athlete interviews to gear reviews and race results

11. The Real Science In Sport Podcast - if you want to dive a little deeper into sports science, this one is for you. Hosted by world-renowned sports scientist Ross Tucker, get cutting-edge training advice and unearth lessons from the pros in in-depth conversation

12. The Tim Ferriss Show – another absolute favourite of ours, Tim is nothing short of a genius. The #1 business podcast on iTunes, its surpassed 400 million downloads! You simply have to check this one out

13. Seth Godin – marketing guru Seth is a long-time entrepreneur and innovator. His weekly podcast explores the full spectrum of human characteristics. For self-development seekers, Seth’s pod is a good place to start

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14. Deliciously Ella – dive into the world of physical and mental health and learn about the realities of building a business

…of course, if we were to add a #15, we might suggest the 33Fuel podcast! Each episode features a conversation with a nutritionist, pro athlete, elite coach or lifestyle guru. Indeed, our most recent interview features Kieran Alger. We chat about the future of running - gear, challenges, futuristic gadgets and flawed fads:

We hope you’ve pocketed a few of these recommendations and enjoy them. Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and share your favourites – we’re always on the hunt for more good listens!

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