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The Ultimate UTMB Guide
This insanely useful UTMB guide covers all you need to succeed at the UTMB and deal with everything that can make or break your race. We have multiple UTMB starts and finishes between us on the team at 33Fuel. Rest assured this is hard-won, race-tested advice. From drop bags to walking poles, headtorches to support crew, [...]
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Training for endurance sport - Bad Grandpa knows best
Training for endurance sport – marathon, triathlon, sportive, ultra – is all-consuming. We focus on the race, the session and our immediate goalsBut if we look longer term, the picture shifts. Because while small improvements and gains can be had in the short term, they're all just stepping stones on the way to serious, sustainable [...]
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Preventing and caring for shin splints
Preventing and caring for shin splintsAs an endurance runner, you are probably intimately familiar with shin splints. If you don’t know, shin splints is the term for pain in the lower front legs that commonly occurs for distance runners. Shin splints are especially common in beginner runners and runners who have changed their regime with [...]
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More Beginner Tips for Boosting Running Endurance
When you are working on improving your running endurance, it can be daunting. Fortunately, 33Fuel is here to help! Our supplements for runners give you the boost of energy you need to keep going longer than you ever expected. In our last blog, we started to go over ways in which you can improve your [...]
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Beginner Runner Tips for Boosting Endurance
When you first start running, it is not easy to go very fast or for long distances. Once you have become comfortable with shorter runs, you may find it daunting to try to improve in certain areas, such as speed and endurance. Perhaps you want to train for a half marathon, but aren’t sure where [...]
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