World Tour Cycling Nutrition

World Tour Cycling Nutrition

Head of performance nutrition at World Tour cycling team EF Pro Cycling, Will Girling is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Will has a huge depth of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience about how to use nutrition to reach your goals. Indeed, he transitioned from overweight kid to beefy strongman then accomplished cyclist

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Will holds a Master’s degree and Postgrad Diploma in nutrition and is currently working on his DProf so it’s fair to say he has a near-unmatched depth of theoretical knowledge. But it’s his personal experience which goes on to add huge value.

Will has led a fascinating journey. His relationship with food started young: he struggled with his weight as a kid but then lost that weight through unhealthy methods and battled an eating disorder in the process. He then took himself towards strongman competitions before landing himself a job as head nutritionist at EF Pro Cycling. For more on Will, visit his website.

Matching your nutrition to the demands of your goals is crucial, because while many different ways of eating will serve varied results, it’s the demands of your goals that you need to fuel for. We’re delighted Will’s agreed to share his breadth of knowledge and personal experience on this episode of the 33Fuel Vlog. Enjoy!

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Show snippets – on why regular weigh-ins (for those looking to lose weight) work better

“Take away power from weigh-ins. Look at weigh-ins as more information and data than how you feel about yourself. An easy way to do that is to do more regular weigh-ins. Take the power away from one singular weigh-in.

If you go out for a meal the night before and weigh yourself the next morning…well, that’s obvious and you know why that is. There’s so many variables that affect weight that if you just focus more on the trend and the consistency, then you’re not empowering something that doesn’t really have any control over us, just our mental attitudes towards it”

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