Build a powerful base with Jamie Greaves

Build a powerful base with Jamie Greaves

Strength and conditioning - that’s the topic of our conversation with pro golf coach Jamie Greaves. Fear not, this chat is not solely for golfers. Jamie is a deeply experienced S&C coach and shares the most time-effective methods to build a powerful base upon which to build sport-specific fitness

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In this interview with Jamie, we talk about the classic pyramidal model of training and how it applies to almost any sport. Athletes the world over will understand the principle and logic behind building a strong base of the pyramid before adding the pinnacle - the sport-specific training to make those final marginal performance gains – but amateurs especially often jump straight to the top before nailing this base.

For anyone wishing to make their body bomb-proof, improve training and race performance or train in a most time-effective way, this conversation is for you.

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Show snippets – on how golf strength carries over other sports

I think a lot of what I do with my golfers would carry over to pretty much every other sport.

If you've got a good range of motion, particularly through the hips, spine and shoulders and you're able to express movement in multiple planes of direction, you're strong in basic fundamental movements like squats, deadlifts, single-leg work, pushes and pulls - those basic movement patterns - if you're able to express strength, power or speed through those movement, those are going to be very tangible attributes to near enough every sport out there”.

Jamie goes on to highlight how important the basics are:

It’s one of the things golf specific fitness have got wrong over the years – the aim to get to that top bit of the pyramid too quickly, mainly because it’s a perception, they feel ‘golf fitness’ should be moves in the gym that replicate the golf swing. There can be a time and place for those ultra-specific movements, but if you’re doing movements like that – specific moves for any sport – and you can’t do a deadlift with your bodyweight or you can’t do some push ups or rotate your torso 45 degrees, to me you’re missing the point”.

33fuel podcast - build a powerful base with jamie greaves

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