Do you get a sports nutrition hangover?

Do you get a sports nutrition hangover?

Good sports nutrition feels awesome. It is a joy to eat, tastes great, is easy on the stomach and delivers a perfect plateau of long lasting, stable energy. Better still, it speeds up your recovery and leaves you with pep in your step the morning after race day.

Is this how your sports nutrition feels?

If you're reading this there's a good chance it is.

But for many athletes the reality is often very different and they're stuck with products that taste artificial, that need forcing down, and which then play havoc with their stomachs while sending energy levels on an unpredictable rollercoaster ride.

And then comes the hangover...

A hard day in the saddle or on your feet pounding down this type of nutrition means your insides are put through the wringer simply dealing with the low grade fuel they've being given. 

So as well as the sore muscles that are normal the following day, you also get:

  • Headaches
  • Cold sweats/hot flushes
  • Stomach rumblings/upset

These are not a normal part of sport or exhaustion, rather they're the surefire signs of a body in distress working out the toxins that were poured into it the previous day.

Sports nutrition hangover sports nutrition

If getting out of bed feels like this the morning after race day - that'll be your sports nutrition hangover saying hello. Good news, it's totally avoidable with the three tips below

What causes a sports nutrition hangover?

It's all down to ingredient quality, or lack of it, and sadly most ordinary sports nutrition is little more than overpriced junk food.

Behind the sciencemarketing and bold claims all you'll find are the cheapest artificial sweeteners and additives the food industry has to offer. 

These are the same ingredients found in the foods least associated with health and performance like sweets, sodas, fast food, and the same ingredients also linked to today's biggest health issues from diabetes and heart disease to obesity and more.

Heck, fructose - common in ordinary energy gels and drinks - is even known as 'alcohol without the buzz' in some medical circles due to it hitting the liver in exactly the same damaging way as booze does

Overall, the body doesn't like these ingredients very much in small doses when it's chilling out, let alone by the boatload when it's working its socks off in a race.

So the body rebels on race day, and then kicks in with a sports nutrition hangover the following morning just to make sure you get the message loud and clear.


Sports nutrition hangover

"I knew I shouldn't have had that extra energy gel..." - being made from junk food filler, ordinary sports nutrition makes itself felt in all the wrong ways the next day

Beat the sports nutrition hangover in three easy steps

If your sports nutrition makes you feel like cr*p on race day and leaves you with a punishing hangover afterwards, here's how to fix it and turn your fueling into the perfect dream scenario as outlined at the start of this post - all in thee simple steps:


  1. First, put the four pillars of awesome sports nutrition in place
  2. Next, improve your ability to fuel from stored fat, naturally
  3. And finally, make real food your default go-to fuel source for all of your sports nutrition needs

It's time to kick the sports nutrition hangover into touch - training and racing is hard enough already without your sports nutrition doing you in while you're at it!

Sports nutrition hangover blog 3

Adios sports nutrition hangover! Add good food, great fuel and a little fat adaption to the mix and you never need to see another sports nutrition hangover ever again, no matter how hard, fast or long you go. Boom!

Looking to upgrade your race fuel?

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Sports nutrition hangover 33shake race weekend bundle

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