3 advanced intermittent fasting techniques

3 advanced intermittent fasting techniques

Our Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting (IF) got you started, now here are three more advanced intermittent fasting techniques for you to try.

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The benefits of intermittent fasting are widely known and include:

  1. Boost your ability to burn fat
  2. Improve natural hormone production
  3. Stabilise energy levels and productivity
  4. Combat chronic disease
  5. Lose weight

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Now you know the benefits, here are three advanced techniques to try.

Advanced intermittent fasting technique #1: The 20/4 strategy

Building on beginner strategies, the 20/4 strategy sees you fast for a full 20 hours, reducing your eating window to just four hours.

33fuel advanced intermittent fasting techniques - intermittent fasting benefits

Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase fat burning, reduce stress and stabilise energy levels

The best way to first try the 20/4 method is to have a big lunch at midday and push through the afternoon and evening and go to sleep early to avoid hunger pangs. You can then eat at 8am the following morning to complete 20 hours of fasting.

A harder, more challenging method is to eat a late breakfast at 11am before pushing through the whole day until 7am the following morning.

Maximising the time that you’re asleep during your fasting period makes for an easier ride!

Advanced intermittent fasting technique #2: Full 24 hours

Some proponents of a 24-hour fast recommend you still consume up to 500 calories during the fasting window, just to keep the body ticking over.

An advanced intermittent fasting technique involves going all 24 hours without consuming anything but water (and electrolytes if you’re exercising as per our conversation with low carb pro ultrarunner Zach Bitter).

Otherwise, no tea, no coffee, nada.

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If you’re going to fast for a full 24-hours and do feed again, give your body natural nutrient-dense real food

Start with just one 24-hour fast per week, progressing to two per week once you’ve adapted and start seeing the benefits.

Advanced intermittent fasting technique #3: Alternate day fasting

Alternate day fasting involves restricting calorie intake, unsurprisingly, every other day.

You can still consume up to 500 calories on your fasted days and this study demonstrated the significant weight and fat loss gains available to those who follow it.

Another study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that, over the course of 21 days, 16 non-obese subjects saw fat oxidation increase by ~4%, and bodyweight dropped by ~2.5%.

Beware that long-term adherence to this fasting strategy is not good. It’s a technique best saved for short-term use.

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