Lockdown nutrition for health and performance

Lockdown nutrition for health and performance

This week’s podcast guest is nutritionist Matt Gardner. During coronavirus lockdown, it's never been more important to look after your health. In this conversation, we explore how to make better nutrition choices for optimal health and how to tweak it for performance gains

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Matt is a highly experienced nutritionist, having managed nutrition strategies for elite athletes as well as organisations like The North Face and Nuffield Health. He’s also a successful endurance athlete and practices what he preaches. If you want to enjoy your food more, eat for optimal immunity and tailor your intake towards your goals – whether that’s fat loss, performance gains or better energy levels – this conversation is for you.

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33Fuel podcast show snippets – the importance of protein for a healthy immune system

Asked if there are simple food-swaps or ‘wins’ in the fight to bolster immunity, Matt says:

Protein is an important one. Many people know about protein for muscle building, but it’s also a cornerstone for immune function.

Some people are often just a portion of protein away each day from getting the amount they need for optimal immunity. You may just need a portion of beans, a little extra brown rice or oats or even some nut butter. Perhaps some protein powder. That extra 10-20g each day could make a big difference to supporting immune function.

I’m not advising everyone goes out and piles in the protein, but for a rough guide you should be aiming for 1.2-1.6g per kg bodyweight per day. That’s for people maintaining some training during lockdown, but of course will vary on an individual level – it works as a good guide though.

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