Tough Girl Podcast - lessons from 200 successful women

Tough Girl Podcast - lessons from 200 successful women

In this episode of the 33Fuel podcast, we speak with the talented Sarah Williams - endurance athlete, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach and podcast host.

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Sarah is all about motivating and inspiring women to help people achieve more than they ever thought possible. She hosts the Tough Girl Podcast on which she interviews hard-charging female athletes with incredible stories to tell.

Having racked up over 850,000 worldwide downloads and 200+ conversations with super-inspiring performers, it’s fair to say Sarah has a deep knowledge of what it takes to tackle your fears and achieve your dreams.

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33Fuel podcast: Sarah Williams - highlights

Women build self-confidence by doing those things that scare you, that challenge you. When you think you can’t do something, you set yourself a goal and then achieve that goal you never thought possible. That then makes you wonder what else you can do”.

Three takeaways she’s learned from 200 interviews with immensely successful women include:

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  1. Break it down. “When you look at some of the women I’ve spoken to and looked at the challenges they’ve tackled, it’s hard to comprehend how they even start. Put it into manageable sized chunks.”
  2. Is it a priority?Is it something you really, really want to do? When it becomes something you must do and you know your why, that is when you’ll create the time.”
  3. Use a vision board. “Once I’ve decided I want to do something, I find details about it – pictures and so on – and I’ll put it on a board somewhere I can see it every day. It’s a very powerful tool to be able to see it every day. Visualising yourself completing your challenge is a huge benefit to getting it done.”

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