Tips for thriving in lockdown

Tips for thriving in lockdown

We asked the 33Fuel community to share their tips for thriving in lockdown. These are challenging times for everyone and at times we all feel like we’re merely surviving, but there’s also plenty of opportunity to thrive. Here’s how

Huge thanks to the 33Fuel community for sharing their valuable tips and thoughts on how to thrive when the going gets tough. We hope some of these will also help you make the best of this situation.

Thrive in lockdown - embrace community

For me it's been about supporting people in our community. My wife and I run a food rescue project where we collect food from supermarkets that is going to waste and then distribute (along with other volunteers) within our community on a pay as you want/can basis.

33fuel thrive in lockdown - ultimate daily greens

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We have seen a surge in people needing food over lockdown so this work is vital in so many ways, we're very proud of all the people involved who make this happen.” - Bruce. G

This is a fantastic piece of advice from Bruce and reminds me of those lessons we learnt from studying Blue Zones – places where a disproportional number of the population lives to over 100. Community is absolutely fundamental to health, happiness and longevity.

33fuel thrive in lockdown - community matters

While we may not be able to stand this close to each other right now, a sense of community is still hugely important

Thrive in lockdown - get focused

Still have a focus even if your event is called off. I've decided to train for an Ironman this year, so lots of turbo sessions and swim muscle strength training for this lockdown! Just knowing I can do it gives me motivation. Where there's a will and all that.

Oh, and cold water 'swimming'. So good for mental and physical resilience - just keep safety in mind.” - Sarah. C

One of our co-founders, Warren, has taken a cold shower every single day for over 9 months now and is loving it - unsurprising given these scientifically proven benefits of cold showers!

thrive in lockdown - cold shower benefits

A cold shower mightn't sound appealing, but trust me - the benefits are worth it

Thrive in lockdown - enjoy The Great Outdoors

I am trying to get outside every day, be it for a run or just a walk in the open air to clear my mind and to feel calmer. I believe fresh air is good for the mind, body and soul.” - Dawn. M

Couldn’t agree with you more, Dawn. Another for spending time outside:

Make sure you get outdoors as often, and legally as you can. Exercise is so important for the mind and body, as well as getting as much vitamin d as possible. If you feel lonely, try and connect online with a group who have similar interests.” - Charlotte. F


Indeed, maintaining vitamin D levels is crucial when we’re spending so much time indoors – here’s 5 top food sources – and good point re connecting with like-minded people online too.

33fuel thrive in lockdown - get outdoors

It may be chilly out, but the benefits of getting outside are huge

And another for heading outside:

Get outdoors. Whilst lockdown means we need to be sensible about where we go, the benefits of getting active outdoors are numerous. Boosting both our mental and physical health, spending time out of our homes for our permitted exercise each day gives us opportunity to boost our mood, health and well-being and all for free! What better tip for thriving in lockdown could there be?” - Jonathan. E

Thrive in lockdown - develop powerful habits

I’m lucky that I’m intrinsically motivated and so don’t need much cajoling to get going however we all develop habits that are not conducive to thriving and find ourselves maybe just surviving.

The key is to develop good habits and start small. Schedule exercise (can just be a walk outside) breaks and stick to them. If you only have 15 minutes then do that. It’s so much better than nothing.

33fuel thrive in lockdown - develop powerful habits

Treat yourself to a new notepad and write down your goals, ambitions and dreams and what habit changes you need to make to get you there

As your habits bed themselves in look to introduce additional changes to eat better and cleaner. Less easy processed foods and more fruits. Make them your snacks. Small changes introduced over time add up.

Also do not berate yourself for not hitting the expectations you have of yourself. It takes time. Be nice to yourself.” - Marcus. B

Very wise words here from Marcus. Changing habits is hard but making small, sustainable changes compound to huge improvements in the long run. If you’d like to hear how to make sustainable habit changes, listen to our conversation with psychologist and world-record breaking cyclist Dr Ian Walker.

Thrive in lockdown - watch a surf film!

For surviving turbo sessions, put on a surf film. I did 40 minutes this morning, supposed to be in Zone 2 to 4 for HR but couldn't elevate it, due to probably feeling so chilled and stoked at watching the surf.” - Sarah. C

Thrive in lockdown - develop a routine

"You need a routine. I was lucky enough to buy a Peloton at the start of lockdown one and have just added the treadmill. As an injured ultra runner the bike is perfect for me and trying to log miles on it is fun. I've added strength training to the delight of my coach, who has been on my case for years!

33fuel thrive in lockdown - amore energy bar

Fuel your indoor training with a 100% natural, downright delicious energy bar: with nothng but crushed fruits, chopped nuts and warming spices, this is a treat for the taste buds and energy levels! 

I'm enjoying the time to be able to spend working out and then time with the family. Using the outdoor exercise time to walk the dog. I'm also spending time using apps like Calm to keep my mind clear. But for me, a routine is key. Having a plan and goals. Some of the goals are changing, but I'm hopeful for a summer in the hills and mountains." - James. Y

Love the positivity here, James and so much wisdon. Absolutely, now is a fantastic time to hit the weights (I've been swinging kettlebells around an awful lot!) and free-up time for the family dog walks.

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