Thrive in Lockdown


Here at 33Fuel we're all about thriving in lockdown and have a ton of resources to help you do exactly the same

While our hearts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19, those of us not impacted have been given a rare opportunity. Lockdown has forced us to adapt to new routines and habits. Occasions like this don't come around very often and we've all now got a blank slate upon which to create new, healthy habits and banish those hindering us:

  • We can still improve fitness in lockdown
  • We can still learn new skills in lockdown
  • We can still chase our dreams in lockdown

At 33Fuel we're committed to helping you #ThriveInLockdown. At the heart of our mission is to deliver the highest quality tools and resources (and, of course, sports nutrition) to help you become the best version of yourself in sport, work and life.


We're here to help you smash lockdown! Let's do this!

#ThriveInLockdown articles

The 33Fuel Blog is a comprehensive resource which houses our library of articles. Here’s a selection of Covid-19 related content:

  • Is it possible to boost my immune function? Read here >
  • What to do if your event is cancelled. Read here >
  • Run your way to fitness, health and happiness during lockdown. Read here >
  • Gut health and endurance – good and bad foods. Read here >
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for optimal health. Read here >
  • How to exercise when you’re feeling low. Read here >
  • 8 couples exercises to try during lockdown. Read here >

…and here’s a few to help you thrive in lockdown:

  • Top 14 podcast recommendations. Read here >
  • How to avoid overtraining during lockdown. Read here >
  • How to use marginal gains for major long term benefits. Read here >
  • 10 simple vegan recipes you’ll love. Read here >
  • Sensible sun exposure. Read here >
  • 8 reasons you need to do handstands (and tips on how to master them). Read here >
  • The surprising benefits of a daily cold shower. Read here >

Give a plant-based diet a go in lockdown with these 10 simple, tasty vegan recipes

#ThriveInLockdown Podcast and Vlog

It’s on the 33Fuel podcast that we host conversations with pro athletes, elite coaches, expert nutritionists and lifestyle gurus to provide you with the best resources to thrive. Recent episodes include:

  • Lockdown nutrition for health and performance – nutritionist to elite athletes and companies like the North Face and Nuffield Health, Matt Gardner shares his expertise on how to maximise health and performance in lockdown
  • Gut health 101 with Ross Austen – former elite athlete turned kombucha master, Ross is a guru on all things gut health. Hear the surprising link better gut health and overall health and what you can do to boost good gut bacteria
  • The indoor cycling debate – we can up with expert bike fitters Jules and Phil from CycleFit to discuss the pros and cons of indoor cycling. It’s a heated – but often amusing – debate!
  • Plant-based diet for performance – ex-Team GB cycling nutritionist Nigel Mitchell expounds the benefits of a plant-based diet for endurance athletes
  • How to balance work, life and extreme training – high powered CEO and dedicated father Jacob Bloch frequently travels multiple time zones each week. He’s also a very accomplished ultrarunner. Hear how he balances it all
  • Mental toughness and creating powerful habits – Dr Ian Walker is a psychologist and world record breaking cyclist. In this conversation, we explored how to develop mental toughness and create new habits which stick long-term

Discover more episodes.

Additional resources to #ThriveInLockdown

The Superhero’s Guide to Training and Immune Function is your essential blueprint for consistent training, faster recovery and reduced illness. In it, you’ll learn what the immune system is, whether you can actually affect its efficacy and, if so, how best to go about it.

Here's to a faster, healthier and happier you. Download your FREE copy now.


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#ThriveInLockdown sports nutrition

Top of the list is our Ultimate Daily Greens. Packed with powerful alkalysers and antioxidants, our greens contribute to effective immune function. Protect yourself and your family with just one daily spoonful.

ultimate daily greens

Protein is key to recovering between sessions but also to maintaining a healthy immune system. Premium Protein contains jut six natural ingredients and packs 20g of plant-based protein. With organic cacao and organic banana to boot, vegan protein has never tasted so good!

premiun protein

Training indoors can become a right sweat fest. Ensure you replace lost electrolytes and ride stable energy levels with Better Fuel Energy Blend. Using low-GI carbs and natural minerals, you can wave goodbye to gut trouble, cramps and energy bonks and say hello to stable energy levels.

better fuel