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Podcast 67: Michelle Dillon – Be your best on race day

Posted by James Eacott on

We're pleased to bring you this interview with two-time Olympian, World and European Champion triathlete Michelle Dillon on this episode of the 33Fuel Podcast.

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Despite immense success within the sport, Michelle’s career was cut short when in 2008 she was forced to retire after major back surgery. But her life in triathlon wasn’t over.

Now recognised as one of the best coaches in the world, Michelle runs the immensely successful Team Dillon Coaching. Having united a team of experienced coaches (including 2012 Olympian and husband Stu Hayes), they guide amateur, age-group and pro athletes towards their dreams.

In this interview, Michelle talks candidly about what it takes to be the best in very best, how to transition from pro athlete to a ‘normal’ career and what you can do to be your best on race day

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33Fuel podcast: Michelle Dillon show snippets

Three characteristics frequently seen in successful athletes:

  1. Consistency in training
  2. A positive, driven attitude towards training as well as high levels of commitment
  3. A “never give up” mentality

And on how she manages her life as a coach today:

It’s all about balance. I’m a very focussed and motivated person but I also like to have fun too. So we go out for dinner once or twice a week, I’ll have a drink of wine if I fancy, but in moderation it’s all fine. At the end of the day, this [racing as a pro] isn’t my career anymore. Life’s too short and I want to be able to enjoy all parts of my life.”

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