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Podcast 70: How to break records at any age with Sharon Gayter

Posted by James Eacott on

Earlier this year, 55-year old Sharon Gayter broke the world record for running from John O’Groats to Land’s End. She covered the 822 miles in a little over 12 days, averaging around 70 miles per day, and in doing so proved it's possible to break records at any age

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Despite the astonishing speed at which Sharon ran the length of the UK, it was no surprise to those who follow her. After decades ultrarunning and having represented GB at international competition, she’s racked up dozens of impressive feats and shows no signs of slowing down.

In her day job as a sports scientist, Sharon regularly partakes in extreme challenges – like running on a treadmill for seven days or covering 10 marathons in 10 days – while collecting data about what happens to the body under such extreme stress.

Sharon is hugely inspiring and we hope you enjoy this conversation. If you’re looking to raise performance or break a world record, then you need this conversation in your life!

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Show snippets - Sharon Gayter on being self-coached

"I've been a self-coached athlete all these years and I think that's played to my advantage because I understand my body better than any coach could. I know how it works and how it adapts to training.

I've always had a crew that have written down everything I've done - every time I've had a break, every time I've eaten some food and you can analyse that to see what you could do next time.

I've been very lucky that through my own experiences and my own education that I've been a self-taught athlete. Because of that, that helped me achieve all my goals."

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