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Running into a faster future with Kieran Alger
Running journalist Kieran Alger is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast. Kieran has, for the last 10 years, tested every piece of running gear under the sun. Whether it’s the latest pair of super-shoes, wearable tech, apparel, nutrition product...
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How to burn fat during exercise
There’s many factors which impact your ability to burn fat – from lifestyle and training to nutrition and sleep habits - and there’s clear signs to show you’re getting it right (or not). But we wanted to narrow the window and focus on how to burn more fat specifically during exerciseIf you go training with a mate, [...]
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Return to training after time off
While lockdown has, for some, provided more time to train, it’s meant an opportunity to take the foot off the gas for others. Time off is beneficial, but at some point you’ll want to get back on the horse. It can seem daunting but it needn’t be – we hope this advice helps you make [...]
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How to schedule strength into a training plan
It’s one thing investing in strength training but another knowing how to schedule it into your marathon plan. How often should you lift? How heavy? When should you back off? It’s all answered here.Twice a week is all it needs to super-charge your marathon performanceHaving shown the four huge benefits of strength training, common myths and [...]
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Strength Training For Runners - 7 Best Exercises
Strength training is cruical for runners. Add strength training into your schedule and you will improve power, speed and endurance as well as burn more fat. You'll also give your running economy a boost and reduce injury occurence. Here's 7 top exercises
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