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Five strength training myths busted
In Part 1 of this series all about strength training, we share five myths around strength training, particularly for endurance athletes. If you think strength training will make you bulky, ruin your aerobic performance or hinder your endurance gains, you need to read this!
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Guilt, pleasure and time with coach Mark Ryan
British Triathlon Level 3 coach Mark Ryan is this week’s guest on the 33Fuel podcast. We discuss a range of training topics including consistency, training zones, recovery, enjoyment and maximising the time you have available In this conversation, you’ll learn...
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8 easy heat training tips
Summer is here and we can finally spend more time training outdoors! But higher temperatures impact training gains, so here's eight easy heat training tips to help you get in the best shape this summer 1. Keep hydrated Dehydration leads to significant...
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Run Fast AND Long With Zach Bitter
Zach Bitter is an extraordinary ultrarunner. In 2019 he set the 100-mile and 12-hour world records. He follows a largely ketogenic diet and we're keen to learn how he trains, recovers, races and optimises fat adaptation. If you follow a low carb diet - or are thinking about going keto - you'll love this
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Mark Cavendish training
Mark Cavendish training - fast descending with the Manx Missile. In which 33Fuel races Mark Cavendish down a mountain...I’m sat alone on my bike on the edge of a Manx mountain facing down the barrel of a desolate strip of tarmac as the Irish sea twinkles on the horizon. With the breeze stirring the long [...]
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