Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

Valentine’s Day 2021 could be a little flaccid (excuse the pun) but it needn’t be. Despite current restrictions, there’s still plenty you can do to show your mother, brother or significant other how much they mean to you. We’ve crafted a little ‘Valentine’s Day In Lockdown’ guide for inspiration so you can create a day to remember

Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed

Kick Valentine’s Day off on the right foot by treating them to a tasty, healthy breakfast under the covers. This overnight oats is an absolute winner. It needs prepping the night before, which is great because all you need to do in the morning is whip it out the fridge and head upstairs (though if you want some extra brownie points, add a topping of homemade granola for extra crunch).

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Once you’re up and about, it’s time to get some fresh air.

Go for a hand-in-hand stroll or yoga session

Erica and I will be out this morning for our daily yoga session followed by a stroll around the park. If you’re new to yoga, there’s plenty of YouTube videos you can follow, but we also love DoYogaWithMe.

Settle down with a coffee and a good book

Home and cosy, settle down to a good brew and your favourite book. Need a book recommendation? The 33Fuel team compiled a list of their favourite reads.

After you’ve enjoyed some lunch, it’s time to get active.

Couples HIIT workout

33fuel valentines day in lockdown - couples training together

Working out with your partner is great fun and hugely bonding

High intensity interval training (HIIT) provides brilliant training gains, is time-efficient and is great fun to do with your partner.

Getting sweaty together brings a whole host of benefits to a relationship, so if you’re in need of some couples exercise to spice up the home workout, look no further.

Alternatively, you’ll enjoy guaranteed laughs by learning how to do handstands together or get bendy with some couples yoga.

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Valentine’s Day Lockdown Dinner

Let’s be honest, food holds the key to many of our hearts. And in lockdown, I’d say food takes on even greater significance, so what better way to show your affection for someone than by cooking a thought-out meal?

To help you plan a night to remember, here’s our Valentine’s Day Lockdown Dinner Menu.

Valentine’s Day Lockdown Dinner Menu

Knock up a batch of these smoky chickpeas to kick things off in style
Main course
Wow them with any one of these main dishes:
Creamy fettuccine pasta alfredo
Vegan Indian curry
Nut roast loaf
Roasted vegetables with rice
Thai curry
Here’s the 5 recipes you’ll need.
33fuel valentines day in lockdown - smokey roasted chickpeas

Smoky roasted chickpeas make a lovely starter

Your options to finish on a high include:
Cookie dough balls. Recipe >
Chocolate brownie baked oats. Recipe >
Protein peanut butter cups. Recipe >
Raw banoffee pie. Recipe >
Chocolate protein muffins. Recipe >
Banana vegan ice cream. Recipe >
Pre-sleep refreshment
If you’re been a little ‘active’ before sleep, throw a super greens smoothie down the hatch to rehydrate and flood your body with goodness.

Valentine’s Day In Lockdown – roundup

Hopefully that’s provided you with some inspiration to make this February 14th a little different. We are restricted but as I said earlier, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for that special someone.

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